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Healthy Peanut Butter Protein Dessert


Last night was foodie overload, full on calorific, none clean, none colourful, foodie overload..

Indulgence is fine; a few times a month I really enjoy being very indulgent and I try not to feel too guilty about it. The previous week had seen me celebrating turning 30 and lots of celebrations, meals out and treats were consumed and I’ve loved every moment.

Last night I tested ‘Slutty Brownies’ on some of my most gorgeous friends. Despite needing a side of creamy vanilla ice cream and a very sweet tooth I can confirm they are rather tasty in an over the top, no nutritional value but high pleasure value kind of way.

Honesty is important to me, so I’m comfortable sharing that I’ve hit the gym every single day and eaten a lot of salad during this last week for the simple reason I don’t want to feel sluggish, tired and uncomfortable. I’ll never be one of those bloggers that claim to have a super-fast metabolic system, but if you want to challenge me to a dessert eating contest..? I’m game.

That’s enough of my dinner party antic’s and dessert obsession…shall we talk peanut butter?

Frankly my addiction to peanut butter is still out of control; when I saw this dessert on Instagram I knew I had to give it a try with my own twist. I think the recipe comes from ‘Chocolate Covered Katie’ and I nabbed the idea from the instagram of two attractive blonde ladies and I can’t seem to track them down again to give credit. Needle in a haystack anyone?

The peanut butter, chickpea’s and protein whip to form a dreamy batter, add in a few chocolate chips, fresh fruit and maybe even more peanut butter and I’m in heaven.


Yes. Really..

There is a knack to this, if you don’t use enough peanut butter (I added ‘peanut butter hottie’ powder for a boost) and a good processor you WILL taste chickpea’s and it won’t be a taste sensation. If you do add plenty of peanut butter, a flavoured protein and a little sweetener you’ll get a thick, rich dessert that is completely macro friendly and welcome to the party.

[recipe title=”Healthy Peanut Butter Protein Dessert” servings=”4-5″ time=”15mins” difficulty=”easy”]

You will need..

*One tin chickpeas

*2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter (around 60g)

*Splash of vanilla essence

*1 Scoop Protein Powder (I used hemp but vanilla, peanut butter etc work)

*20g Powdered peanut butter (I used Peanut butter hottie, but PB2 works or Peanut butter protein?)

*One teaspoon liquid sweetener (Eg: honey, agave, maple syrup)

*Three tablespoons of nut milk


It really couldn’t be more easy, drain the chickpea’s and place in the blender with all the additional ingredients and pulse until a well combined batter forms.


*A well blended mix will always taste better, I found that leaving this in the fridge took away any chickpea flavour also.

*Coco powder is always a good addition if you fancy chocolate and peanut butter.

*If the taste of chickpea’s are overpowering then pulse again with the addition of more peanut butter but don’t skip the vanilla!

*I loaded mine with chocolate chips and fruit but the options are endless, it also makes a lovely spread/dip


Tell me, have you ever tried a chickpea based dessert? Favourite cheat meal?



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  1. Happy belated birthday lovely! Hope you had a wonderful day!

    I have to admit to being one of “those people” who can’t quite get my head around using things like chickpeas (or courgette, or beetroot) in sweet things. My brain just won’t work round it!

    Favourite cheat meal has to go to fajitas, home made, followed with apple crumble and cream.

    1. Oooh Thank you sweetheart!
      I know exactly what you mean, my sister and fella are the same and I understand…it’s really not for everyone.
      Apple Crumble…oh my goodness…that is so good, esp with lot’s of crumble and icecream. Hmmm now I want crumble!

  2. This sounds so good! I’ve used chickpeas once before for cookies, and loved those. My other half didn’t even want to try them though, just because of the chickpeas, haha! I’ll have to give this a try 🙂

    1. Chickpea cookies sound amazing, I really must try those!
      I completely understand, my fella feel’s exactly the same but it really does taste so veryyyy nice! 🙂