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Hi, I'm Katie...

You can find me in the corner of the kitchen, eating cereal out of the box. At the back of a race, having a one person party, or snuggled up in a coffee shop, wondering when the magic beans are going to kick in. I like to worry about things that might never happen and kind people are my kind of people.

"I like people who ugly laugh and people who will drive the long way home to listen to another song or finish a conversation. I like people who aren't afraid to think outside the box and people who make it a mission to help the those around them..."

Find Some Love & Understanding Here...

Mars Bar Brownies

July 28, 2019

” You would be amazed by what you can give up, lose, or break, and yet still be a person who gets happy over brownies.” — Augusten Burroughs. Let me tell…

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I tried…Hot Yoga

July 25, 2019

I live my life with the “Never Say Never” theory and it’s working pretty well so far… Therefore, when my friend invited me to Hot Yoga, my answer was an…

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On The Subject Of Friendship…

July 22, 2019

Friendships, they’re tough, aren’t they? Here we are, looking at people on social media surrounded by so-called friends and endless praise, only to forget just how many of these people…

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The Fox & Hounds, Harlestone, Northampton – Review

July 18, 2019

The Fox and Hounds in Harlestone holds many fond memories for me, its always been our go-to place for celebrating.  There was the one time where I had Duck &…

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Small Changes For A More Eco Friendly Lifestyle…

July 14, 2019

Recently we’ve started to make a more conscious effect to live a more Eco-Friendly lifestyle, not because it’s fashionable or “Hot Right Now” but because this is our future and…

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The Chocolate Recipe Round Up

July 11, 2019

“Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a Chocoholic, all I think about is when I’m going to get my next chocolate hit and I need chocolate every day” “Thanks for that…

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