November 15, 2017

Things that keep me awake at night…

I, like most people, am hugely dependant on enough sleep. Add a dash of stress and a generous dollop of anxiety and you’ve got yourself one hell of a cocktail.

Shall we talk about this?

1, Coffee ~ Needs no explanation, on my Doctor’s orders this relationship needs to end. Do you hear me when I say it’s feeling almost impossible to cut ties with this kind of addiction?

2, Lily ~ I love our cat. I mean it, I genuinely love her so very, very much. This does subside when she decides that my head, back, legs or chest are suitable places to sleep/jump on/pad, key times for activity are 1 am and 4 am respectively.

3, Did I lock the front door? ~ Did I alarm and lock the office? Or was I not last to leave? *Gets up and checks front door is locked*

4, Wedding Planning ~ ‘I’m going to fall over’, ‘Will I still fit in my dress?’, ‘What if my dress needs alterations?’, ‘Will everyone turn up on time?’.

5, Will, I wake up on time? ~ What should I do in the gym if I don’t fancy a run? Should I go for HIIT and weights? Heavy and fewer reps or low and high reps? Shall I sleep in instead?

6, Too much sugar ~ That draw in our kitchen which is devoted to my sugar addiction seemed like such a good idea at the time, for your information, that time wasn’t 1 am when I am wide awake.

7, My Inability to let shit go ~ Simples.

8, I’m super excited ~ We’re going on holiday/to an exciting event/out for breakfast etc etc

9, I.Can’t.Get.The.Right.Temperature ~  I’m wearing too many layers, I’m cold, I need my socks, I need to remove my socks and so on.

10, Worrying about everything ~ That I have complete inability to control and won’t matter in a weeks time.

Tell me, am I alone with this? What keeps you awake at night?



9 responses to “Things that keep me awake at night…”

  1. Alex says:

    Number 1 and 5 10000%
    I slept so much better when I cut out coffee but I just love it so much, it’s become a habit to have several a day!! Otherwise listening to my boyfriend snore keeps me awake 🙁

  2. After two nutcase babies who didn’t sleep well for YEARS, I was unable to sleep well until only about a year or two ago (and my youngest ‘baby’ is 9!) A lot of what kept me awake was what is on your list. I have started to write a lot longer ‘to do’ lists than I used to. Just so I don’t have to go over stuff in my head. I also read a normal paper book 😉 before turning the lights off. This one works really well. I (we) do it even after we get ‘busy’ 😉 Super nerdy but super effective.

    • Katie G says:

      Thanks for that, I’ve taken your advice and started reading a ‘real’ book before bed and I have completely forgotten just how lovely it is to unwind and read.
      I’m not going to lie, lack of sleep is one thing that makes me fearful about children!

  3. Archie says:

    6, 7, and 10. I can relate to them so much!

  4. My relationship with coffee is quite intense too … and it is soooo difficult to break! I’ve been trying to break this habit for a LONG while and have managed to switch the majority of my cuppas to decaf coffee (trying to fool my brain into thinking it’s not really decaf) but when I have a bad day coffee is my comfort! And it’s usually of the “biggest cup I can find in Starbucks” variety.

    Also have to say that our cat manages to keep me awake at night too, being a Bengal cat she is quite loud be it at 9am, 3pm or 4am. She likes to talk. Constantly! Though I obviously have no idea about what.

    In fact … I think with the exception of wedding planning I’m with you on all of it! Sigh.

  5. Bethan says:

    I identify with so much of this list! Some nights I just can’t let anything go, and I swear someone is always trying to get into the flat (they really aren’t) x

  6. Si says:

    Work mainly. I hate going to sleep sometimes purely because tomorrow will turn up quicker. Running has helped me cope better over the last few years. I will never give up coffee 🙂

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