March 18, 2014

Working Out Is My Partying

Long term readers of this blog may remember that last year I wrote a monthly Sporty Statistics’ listing my mileage, calories burnt and a breakdown of what I did. Anyhow from 2014 on wards I placed this in the achieve to move towards different subjects and my fitness was evolving to become more about quality than quantity. Up until now I was resisting recovering this monthly installment until I chose to pick a random week of my month and share what I got up to during those 7 days. 
The week I’m sharing is a week that includes more rest day’s than normal and due to a ‘niggle’ in my left calve a slower running pace. My reasoning behind this is that I think it would be some what egoistical to share only the weeks I perform to the best of my ability and it’ll provide a little contrast which is always a good thing in my book. 
Lovely rest day, used my ‘energy’ walking to the fridge. 
Arose at 6.10am and managed to faff, eat rice cakes and drink coffee for a appalling 30 mins before working out. I spent 10 minutes on Abs with various sit ups and crunches and then 30 minutes on a kettlebell routine, this included a warm up with 5KG, 35 reps with 12KG and 8reps with 16KG. Boyfriend secretly watched me puffing away in the conservatory for a few minutes and I think he’s missed this early pre-work entertainment, it’s not a ‘sexy’ entertainment as he’s normally laughing away at my gorgeous expressions. 
After work – 3.3 mile run around the block in 30.12 minutes to unwind after a stressful day. 
Short but sweet climbing session, short because I spent a good 20 minutes doffing around with the new registration system (re:registering at somewhere I’ve attended for years gives me such pleasure). I was being a pansy and without intention somewhat grumpy which is not the best frame of mind for climbing as it is a sport that is all about your mind set. From memory I climbed 7 routes starting at 4c and  maxing at 6B. 
Rest day as my arms and leg’s where weary and I just wanted to watch junk TV and read blogs. 
I went for a after work run to relax and start the weekend, I started at my normal pace and a mile in I felt a pain in my calve which sent me into panic mode. Rather than return home I continued at a much slower pace and really enjoyed myself, on returning home I promptly turned on the charm with my foam roller (4 miles 39.10). 

I made a executive choice to make Saturday a pleasurable rest day, I baked, went for a neck, back and shoulder massage and gossiped until midnight with my mother. In my humble opinion all rest day’s should go along these lines.


Nothing gives me more zest to run than looking outside at the bright sunshine and knowing that I have a flat, traffic free country track to appreciate. I took a steady half a mile warm up walk to my starting point and plugged in my headphones, started my garmin and let my body unwind and run at a comfortable pace. At mile 9 (1hr 24.03) my sister was waiting and I reset my garmin, lunged at the water bottle she’d kindly brought and we set off. My sister is starting to run again and I really wanted to encourage her and take the opportunity to help, we managed half a mile in 5mins 30 (11mm pace) which she was absolutely thrilled with. I was so happy that I’d managed to encourage her to run a little faster and we then power walked the next half a mile, had a quarter mile jog (at 12mm pace) and returned home. Once I’d showered and said my goodbyes, I returned home popped dinner in the slow cooker (because Sunday should always involve a carb heavy meal) and snoozed in front of James Bond – Bliss. 
Talk to me…Do you have a standard weekly plan? Do you write a weekly fitness plan? How often do you rest? 

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