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Things I need to stop doing…

“Consider this a public service 
Don’t be like me.  I’m constantly embarrassed…” I can’t remember where I read this but I loved it! 
I try to, think about, shall most definitely stop…
*I need to stop eating Nutella and breadsticks pre: breakfast- It’s excess calories I don’t need and it’s just plain naughty!
*I need to stop spending hours looking at peoples pictures via Facebook and then sniggering, becoming self-conscious or just a little stalker-like..It’s.Just.Not.Healthy.

*Stepping on the scales – Yeah….We don’t need too much of that I’ll go by the ‘my clothes feel tight’…
*Eating everything on my plate & everyone else’s plate – Note to self ‘You won’t offend yourself by not eating it all, resist dearest resist.
*Worrying about falling off a climbing route – How many times have I fallen off? A fair few. How many times has it gone wrong?..not often…”Why are you so scared you used to climb well?” I have become a wimp
*Getting all flustered and fretful about things out of my controlWill this even matter in a week?
*Constantly looking the timer whilst on the treadmill – I mean surely 35mins is not going to race past in 30 seconds?..I’m all about ‘OOOoooh I’ve been jogging ages..’ Oh..’5mins..darn’

*Buying so many new clothes. I just need to *think* about what I have and how to ‘work it’ rather than endless ‘I’m bored’, ‘I feel crap’, ‘I have nothing’ shopping trips. I dedicated a room in my house to office/wardrobe and I still can’t fit it all in there… 

*Worrying late at night – This is a brilliant one…The skill of creating a drama in my bed at 11.58pm on a work night..Leads to unnecessary worry, bad sleep and an ‘I’m running late bad hair day‘ the following day. Not Cool. 

Tell me…Am I alone with this? or what do you need to stop doing?


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  1. Nice post! Great !!
    I wait for you for a NEW SNOW POST!!
    Follow me that i follow you!
    Kisses kiss

  2. I followed you last week 🙂 x

  3. I do most of the above! My pre breakfast treat is malteasers usually. I only found your blog today but LOVE it already 🙂 x Remie

  4. Malteasers before breakfast? – That is a amazing idea! So small! So Sweet! So Simple to grab a handful! 😀 xx

  5. Yeah 😜, I pretty much do all of those things!

    1. Hurrah! I feel less alone 🙂

  6. Think you need to stop being so hard on yourself 🙂 Because unless it’s just us two, i’m sure we all do things like this! I can definitely relate to the treadmill and nutella situation…. Having just scoffed 175g in mini 15g bars of Green and Blacks … Oops?

    1. I have also just eaten over 100g in chocolate – I feel satisfied and I could easily demolish 175g in Green & Blacks a my follow up! 🙂 xx