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Someone That I Used To Know…

This is a very personal blog post to write and I hope it’ll surprise some people and inspire some new readers or those reading that don’t know me personally…

I used to be obese. 
I was a solid size 16 to 18 and never ever did I consider that I could change and that a whole new life was possible.
Had I not lost weight I’d have never climbed, ran, met people or even started Cake Vs Scales…
I can hardly remember how my life was and what I’d be doing with myself on a day to day basis if I had not made that change.
No one looses weight over night, its a challenge and a constant battle if your not naturally slim. I’m very aware of my shape and weight and my body’s ability to do the sport I enjoy.
But also no one tells you how people change, how differently you get treated, about jealousy, about lost and gained confidence and the truth….suddenly you start to hear the truth..
When you lose a lot of weight people start telling you what they really thought of your appearance previously and it can be seriously hurtful. 
The strange thing is I was not ‘aware‘ I was big, okay I’ll re phase that I knew I was large but I had no idea how large or how I really looked or that I could change for the better.
Buying new clothes is exciting but having the confidence to show them off takes a long time to gain, I often have moments when I think ‘I’m too big for this..I’m too built..They are looking at me’. Weight watchers should issue a standard notice to advise people that slim down regardless on if you are male or female there will always be a small part inside that feels ‘big’…
I’ll take you on a little history lesson..
That’s me..In the cream cargo bottoms…

See..I was pretty jolly..All was cool..All was happy..

I hid away in black a lot of the time…
I was convinced with a big smile, lots of hair and gloss anyone would be won over by me…Not realizing none of that really meant anything. I’d buy designer accessory’s to conceal and distract from the real problem…
There where times I slimmed down a little..
Weight can be very aging, I was only 23 here…I look ten years older..
I rather liked a drink also…
Here I am In 2007 when I’d hit my target weight…I’ve slimmed down more since but we can talk about that another day…But this shot felt like a turning point for me..

I felt happy..I felt new…Excited….

I discovered mountain’s..
A love of walking..
Oh..and I became a super poser..
The fact is you are who you WANT to be…Some things in life we can’t change but other things we can, it may take time..It may have it’s up’s and down’s..but life is a struggle and no one is perfect….If you slim down to a size 16 like I was and feel amazing then I feel nothing but joy for you. It’s no different if on other hand if you slim down from a 16 to 10 like I did as I know what your journey feels like regardless..
If you make changes make them for YOU..I would not do this for anyone else and if my post gives someone that extra inch to keep going, raises a smile or eyebrows then that’s great…
The Cake will always be up against the Scales for me but personally, I think chocolate cake is a dish best served after a long run rather than not at all…



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