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Read, eat move I can’t tell you how wonderful it has felt to be back to my ‘routine’, I am a creature of habit, a hater of change and I have this frustrating ability to be highly organized in some aspect’s of my life and completely slack in others.

When it comes to the internet I can be a little bit of a ‘magpie’ and I’d previously shared ‘Links that make the internet wonderful’ yet I wanted to evolve this to share a little bit about what I was eating, my workouts and what I’ve been reading and loving.

  •  This Girl Can – It’ll come as no surprise that I fully support and love this movement, the advert’s a perfect and I hope the message reaches as many women as possible. My own ‘This Girl Can’ moment will forever stay in my mind; It was a crisp September day and I’d just returned to the cable car station after a mixed alpine climb with my dad. I nabbed a spot in the sun as people hustled by and carefully bagged up my crampons and rope, then as I started to reattach my ice axes to my bag, I noticed a boy of around 7 years old watching me with curious eyes. He grabbed his parents hand, tugged and said ‘Look Dad, it’s a girl’. 
  • I am so delighted to be training for this year’s half marathon (or 2, or 3..or ?) returning to running after being ill with flu has felt amazing, I’ve also squashed in one weight training session and plenty of walking. I’ve never followed a training plan before and  even though I know there will be day’s I find it really hard I do feel the structure and increased mileage will pay off.
  • Gym
  • This week I have really enjoyed grabbing a couple of home made ‘energy balls’ to eat when the 3pm slump kick’s in, I made these small but perfectly formed almond flour cupcakes and of course beetroot burgers.
  • Food
  • When it comes to shopping, I cannot resist and it’s been one of those week’s that was sponsored by the colour purple….I desperately needed some new Salomon’s for winter running, these purple Adidas 3/4 leggings are ideal for the gym and this long sleeved top from Fabletics was made for winter running right? I fear that I may look like a giant grape.
  • clothing
  • Read – ‘If nothing else’ : On occasion I come across blog posts that are too beautiful not to share, whilst a small part of me feels that sharing another woman’s word’s of heartbreak is not part of the ‘rules of sisterhood‘ I can’t help but think that there is a small chance someone out there may read this and feel comfort.
  • Read – ‘4 Resource’s For a Happier Relationship with Food and body ‘ – Life is too short not to be happy from within.
  • Read – ‘One woman’s day on a plate goes viral’ : Whilst I openly admit that this ‘day on a plate’ is very lean on energy but if that suits her then that is wonderful; however my day on a plate look’s rather different but that’s what makes all this fun. The responses swirl from the amusing to the darn right stupid…
  • Drool – ‘Nutelasagne’ : Yes, this is what you think it is. Fancy sharing? I’ll have the bigger spoon because I’d hate you to feel sick or have left overs.
  • Make – ‘Crunchy Coconut Bombs’ :  I absolutely adore coconut, I have been thinking (dreaming) about this recipe and all the extra’s I’d add to make it even more indulgent.
  • Make – ‘Vegan “No Bake” Bakewell Tart’ : This is something I absolutely must try this week, it really does look that good.

Have you read anything worth sharing this week? Any January sale shopping?



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  1. ooo so delicious! I might have to make a batch of these!

    1. Oooooh let me know how you get on! 🙂 x

  2. loving all the purple!

    1. I will look like a giant grape but I’ll be so happy! 🙂

  3. I am a fan of the purple colour scheme! I may be the only person who hadn’t seen “This Girl Can” until today, but I love it! What a fantastic initiative. I’ve saved it to one of my YouTube playlists, as I think it is really inspiring.

    1. I was at the cinema on Saturday with my sister and it came on – She was mesmerised and said ‘wow, I loved that..’ it makes me smile so much! 🙂 I want to see more adverts like that! x

  4. Those foods look delish! love this routine type thing keep it up x

    NEW POST Jennos Health.

    1. Thank you darling! x

  5. Nutelasange?! Wow haha :p
    Must have a read of your links. Nothing better than a browse on some new sites!

    1. It looks like heaven right? outstandingly indulgent but MMMMMMmmmmm 🙂