October 10, 2015

Liebster Award : Star Light Blogger Award

  Over the last month I’ve been invited to answer a few questions from other bloggers…

Normally, I am absolutely terrible at answering these and I read the post’s, think to myself ‘Oh wonderful, I’ll schedule that’ and promptly forget. In a way this reminds me of 10 year’s ago when completing those ‘questionnaire’s’ on Myspace (remember that?) was the ‘thing‘ to do, a way to show just how witty and cool you were..

Lovely Anna from Northerner Down South nominated me for the ‘Liebster Award‘ so here we go, prepare to be…not so dazzled by my answer’s..

I like food and fitness – That’s an amazingly unique answer

I would be very tempted by certain parts of Switzerland, if our joint bank balance would allow such delights. Why? Mainly because I love being surrounded by mountains, wonderful chocolate and the Swiss way of living – The Swiss have excellent etiquette, the country is very clean and I like the relaxed ‘hand’s off’ approach to raising children. Secondly I hear amazing things about Canada and maybe once I visit I’ll want to live there (infact I’m sure of this)

This is a really tricky question..I have seen many films over the last few year’s that I loved but I’m going to go with ‘Dirty Dancing’ because it’s just a really easy going story line and has a absolutely classic uplifting soundtrack.

One meal, my goodness…There’s two sides of me on this..one side want’s to say something indulgent like an over flowing bowl of fresh pasta in a rich meaty red wine sauce or beef so tender is falls apart with creamed potato’s. The other side say’s I’d like to eat ‘flex bowl’ oatmeal with all the toppings please, don’t hold back on the peanut butter or chocolate chips.

GHOSTBUSTERS! I love that theme tune, on a more serious note? ‘Emile Sande – Mountains’ there are so many different meaning’s to that song from climbing to everyday life.

Nothing at the moment but I will shortly be borrowing ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway-Susan Jeffers’ once my sister has read it. I know self-help book’s aren’t to everyone’s taste and most of us think ‘I don’t need that’ but I feel it’s important to keep learning and loving ourselves.


This is normally where someone pick’s a Disney princess – I’m going to go with Tiger

I wanted to say G, Lilly + Family but they are not ‘things’ – iphone, trainers and eyebrow pencil!

Amazingly I’ve been blogging over 3 year’s now, I remember reading ‘The Londoner’ (I used to really enjoy the old school posts) and thinking ‘I want to be part of this world‘. It’s taken me a long time to find my feet but it’s become a hobby and a great escape for me.


The fab Michelle from ‘Petite Tea Lover’ tagged me on the ‘Star Light Blogger Award‘..

1. What are you most looking forward to about Autumn?

I really enjoy layering up and winter style, plus running in the cooler weather really suits me. I’m looking forward to fact we are now going to be able to eat comfort food whilst being warmed by the log burner on the cooler evening’s.

2. What has been your best experience you’ve had since writing your blog?

I can’t name ‘one’ experience, I have so enjoyed meeting other blogger’s at event’s, trying incredible products and most of all meeting new friends along the way.

3. Where is your favourite place to go for afternoon tea, and what tea would you have?

I love this question! My top afternoon tea’s are The Crazy Bear’ because the standard is excellent and the serving sizes are very generous. I also loved the The Sanderson for the reason everything is edible, I tend to always go for a fruity herbal tea.

There you have it, I have reconnected with my inner 21 year old..

I have some questions for you: Do you remember myspace? Why did you start blogging? Name one thing you feel proud of?



P.s – I filtered the crap out of that photo of me whilst playing with the Retrica photo application (great if your tired and need to take a selfie!) – Cookie monster photo is from Google

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