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Instagram – My way….

This week I was advised by a company that the quality of my Instagram wasn’t up to standard.

I’m not going to lie, it hurt.

Shortly after, I considered what this really meant to me, it was nothing personal and there was/is nothing wrong with my Instagram feed.  Chances are, there’s nothing wrong with your’s either…

Instagram can be a beautiful place; filled with creativity, striking images and lust-worthy locations and products. It can also be a place for people to feel emotions of inadequacy, fear of missing out and encouragement for eating disorders or other health issues.

Some day’s it builds you up, your followers love your content and you are revelling in feelings of being successful and content. Other day’s you awake only to find a number of your ‘followers’ have gone. Was it something you said? Or something you posted?

The truth is, you can make it as professional and number focused as you wish or you can make it completely private and personal, it’s completely up to you.

We don’t all have to conform; I enjoy perfectly placed photos with white backgrounds, but I also absolutely love natural photos that capture the moment.  It would be boring if we all were the same? I find posting photos of myself looking less than perfect’ empowering, I want that level of honesty to be displayed in my photos, I don’t want to conform to ‘perfect’.

There are a lot of posts around discussing how to increase engagement and followers on Instagram, I think the number one point is to be active on the application:

*Like other peoples photos.

*Use sensible hashtags that relate to the picture (save these on your phone to copy and paste and use in the future).

*Post thoughtful comments.

*Post frequently and use the analytics feature to discover your most popular posting times.

*Don’t follow people who make you feel bad about yourself.

Whilst I’m on the subject, I thought I’d take a moment to share some of my thoughts on the most frequent Instagram situations…

Do I sometimes daydream about having the time and budget for photoshoots?

Yes. However, I don’t begrudge the people that do this, the end photo is often fantastic.

Do I dislike #sponsored posts?

Absolutely not. As long as they are honest and in keeping with a theme, then why on earth should we not be happy for people making money out of Instagram?

Do I like Robots and people who buy followers?

NO! I’m sick and tired of spammy comments ‘That’s so inspiring’ on a picture of my oatmeal? Buying fake followers won’t increase engagement, chances are that you’ll eventually get caught and look untrustworthy and fake.

What do we need to remember?

The simple fact that someone has a lot of Instagram followers, doesn’t automatically mean they are happy, popular in real life or a nice person. It also doesn’t mean that they are qualified to make recommendations to you in relation to diet, health or fitness.

The person with fewer followers isn’t less attractive, interesting or fun! It could be they are more content, more popular in real life or less concerned about chasing high numbers. It’ll also mean the fact you took the time to comment on or like a picture, means a lot more….


This feels like a good time to share my ‘Best Nine’ and thank you for liking a picture of my oats, as much as I like eating them.

I don’t know why you decided to follow me, but I’m very thankful that you did. 

How do you feel about Instagram?



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  1. I think your instagram is lovely! There’s so much talk about curating content, and honestly, I think it takes some of the joy out of it. As for spam and bought followers/likes, I really dislike this – it feels underhanded. Sponsored doesn’t bother me so long as it isn’t constant.

    1. Hello Lovely,
      I’ve not seen you online in a while so this comment was a lovely surprise 🙂
      I agree, having a ‘super idealistic’ Instagram just doesn’t feel natural to me, I don’t feel like I can relate to the person?
      Thank you re: the new look, there’s still a few bits to be tweaked but I’m really happy 🙂 x

  2. And totally forgot to say love the new look!

  3. Oh wow! I’d have been pretty hurt if a company said that too. I didn’t really think there was a ‘standard’. I must admit, some Instagram feeds are dreamy and look beautiful, but they also look massively time consuming and I they don’t look ‘natural’, it’s definitely something I don’t have time to do.. and something I’m actually not interested in doing!

    I like the fact that I can post what I want, when I want – I, like you, want my IG feed to be a real, honest representation of my everyday life for people to see and thats what I like to see from others in my feed too.

    Keep doing you! I love your IG feed! 🙂

  4. I’m a big fan of ‘real’ rather than an Instagram feed that is full of perfectly lit and shot photos on white backgrounds. I love getting an insight into someones life that you can’t get from a Tweet (a picture tells a thousand words after all). I also never upload a photo that isn’t taken on my phone, just my preference to stick to what Instagram started as. Personally I find the accounts that are just one perfect photo after another dull after a couple of photos, I’d read a magazine if I was looking for that sort of thing.
    But as you say just our preferences, room for all folk. But I do hope people stay true to themselves with the photos they post rather than chasing what is ‘recommended’. That can never last.

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment Ben, you are so right – If we wanted perfection we’d return to magazines! But something more ‘real’ is worth so much more, I want to feel engaged and not ‘sold to’. I generally always use my phone too, sure my photo’s aren’t crystal clear etc but it’s just capturing the moment 🙂

  5. Just playing catch up on some blogs and found this post really interesting as I’m trying to work on my insta account.

    It is hurtful when a brand says that – I had someone contact me once to check out a health food cafe, then they said I didn’t have enough followers. Well, why contact me then? And my following is engaged.

    Your insta account is great, it’s one of my favourite ones now that I’m getting more into it. If a brand thinks your account isn’t up to standard, then perhaps they should pay someone who spends time crafting the magazine perfect account!


  6. Loved reading this as I’ve been considering writing a blog post on my thoughts on Instagram too, probably still will! I love “real” to me Insta means instant, like a Polaroid picture with no means to filter or ‘shop it. Having said that I have started to use VSCO on some of my pics.
    I am no photographer and not creative but Instagram is fun to me. I do like to look at some of the fancy creative acccounts tho.

    jenallenmassage on Instagram

    1. I have to say, I enjoy looking at your insta because you are always wearing lovely clothing and I love real accounts 🙂 I need to give VSCO cam a try again, apparently it’s very good?

  7. I’m taking a bit of an Instagram break, I look at it on weekends but have deleted the app from my phone. I found I was constantly refershing it & waiting for the next likes & follows. The 1st week I was off it I lost 20 followers but I felt I was just living my life for myself & it felt peaceful. I don’t know where I’ll go from here, I did post some pics of my long weekend in Germany & in general I like IG… I just need to learn to manage it better & not check it every 5 minutes.

    As for a company telling your IG isn’t up to scratch – they can so just f*ck off! 😜 We do this for fun, not for commercial reasons!