July 3, 2013

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It’s lethal.

This morning I needed to stop. Take a moment and allow myself to adjust to the fact we are already in July and this year is just flying by. I have moments when my head spins and I think I’m riding on ‘Rita Queen Of Speed’..
Apart from when I’m running. Obs.
Last month was different for me; I increased my mileage by 60% and blogged every day, it felt like writing an open but censored diary for a small corner of the internet to see. Even though it was hard, I felt a great deal of satisfaction from the whole experience and wanted to take a moment to talk about everything in a little more detail.

 I don’t often talk about beauty on this blog but I most certainly felt the need for some mini pampering sessions this week.

My poor feet have been neglected so some serious moisturising and a little at home pedicure gave me some inner peace with my tootsies. My hair, oh my…I’m booked in for a colour, serious conditioning treatment and cut tomorrow – seriously needed! Sweat after a long run or an intense gym session is not good for lovely locks.
This is not a radical statement but I found that my body reacts better to smaller, lighter snacks and more fuel efficient main meals. I was a 6 mini meal a day person during the working week and even though my snacks where mainly dried fruit, nuts, seeds etc I felt better after a slight change.
I do ramble on about my love of breakfast but it is with good reason; I often read people skipping this meal or feeling bored with options. It’s all about creativity, this morning I ate greek yoghurt with muesli and stewed rhubarb and several hours later I’m still feeling nourished and full.
Personally I don’t use protein shakes and whilst I have nothing against them I do feel that if you make the right food choices you can take in enough protein, I do occasional eat Nakd/Trek bar’s with protein as these feel more natural to me.
It is possible to train for a event and workout for hour’s and still gain weight, there is no secret apart from it’s all about eating carefully which translates to understanding calories in and calories out and that all calories/food are not created equally. I’ll chat more about this at a later date…But I had a few indulgent days and still lost weight, when I was indulgent I ate real butter, cream, freshly made cakes and I feel if you choose quality over quantity it does make a difference.
If I had a penny for every time I read ‘I was too busy to work out’ or ‘I just couldn’t fit it in’ I’d be a very rich lady.
Everyone has time for a 30 second plank and some squats daily; I’ve been reading about working mothers setting personal bests during races, people working two jobs and still working out and I’ve left the house at 6am on the dot on a work day. DON’T MAKE SILLY EXCUSES..the focus was/is to do something  and everyone has time for that.
There where times over the last month I felt I was not the most fun girlfriend in the world. I was always in sports kit, always logging and timing things and there’s a fine balance which I tipped once or twice.
I’ve been slowly moving into G’s and learning my way around a new area, enjoying a shorter commute (I did not move my car for 4 days, I walked/ran to work – This felt like a revelation) and had a mini binge at ‘John Lewis’…

Staying Sporty DailyCan I let go?
The high from working out and feeling good within yourself can become utterly addictive, I don’t ever want to stop that feeling.
Even though I’m a very frequent exerciser I found some day’s really hard and as a result I’m thankful for the internet as it enabled me to expand on my workouts and add some much needed changes.
I’ve found myself really enjoying circuit training and grabbed a selection of weights for when I’m at G’s so that I can work through a circuit after a run or power walk. 

..As a result I’ve found taking a few ‘rest’ days very hard but due to the fact I’m battling a head cold and work has been extremely busy I’ve had to settle for just walking over the last couple of days.

I’m off to my new gym this evening, as I’ve always had local access to gym equipment I’ve never felt the need to formally join a gym so this is a bit of a turning point. I will still workout as much as possible outside and at home but I’m looking forward to finally trying some classes and introducing more swimming to my routine. 


It’s good to talk..I love interaction..If you’re a new reader..’Hi,It’s great to have you here!

As you will all know ‘Google Reader’ is no more so please feel free to follow via  ‘Bloglovin – Twitter Facebook – Or if your a ‘My Fitness Pal’ kinda person and need motivation I’m ‘Montarosa456’ 


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  1. I'm currently in training for my first tough mudder and my fourth half marathon – both are in September…but I'm now working out five times a week and it's a huge shock as I had a month of no exercise while I recovered from bronchitis…I don't talk too much about my training though – do you think I should?


  2. Monta Rosa says:

    Hey Nic,
    Personally I write about what feels natural/right to me at the time…But as this is a fitness/food blog it is my main focus. However I personally love reading about how people train, I'd love to hear how you get on doing 'Tough Mudder' and see lots of pics (if possible with all that mud)esp as this is a race I'm desperate to try! – Infact I'm jealous of everyone taking part, it would be worth ruining some trainers for and that orange sweat band..Need in my life 😀 xx

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