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Fitness Clothing Under £20.00

Gym Kit under £20

Last night a friend and I were talking about expensive sports wear, I will admit that I do like and understand the pleasure of a investment piece. On the other hand, I think sportswear should be accessible, stylish and available for every budget.

With this in mind, I popped together a list of some of my favourite picks all under £20.00…

  1. ‘Must Go To The Gym’ Vest 
  2. Multi Colour Tights 
  3. Grey Hoody 
  4. Stella Sports 
  5. ‘Better Never Stops’ Vest 
  6. Nike Leggings 


Have you brought any new pieces lately? I really need to withhold from adding to my already expansive gym wear collection…





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  1. I haven’t bought anything new lately (sadly), but it’s all about colour for me. Absolutely love those H&M tights!

    1. I love those tights too! Very tempted to treat myself…
      working out in super colourful clothing always makes me smile! 🙂 x

  2. I love the multicoloured leggings! Although I too have far too many gym clothes and need to refrain from buying any more!!

    1. I know how you feel…my workout wardrobe is exploding! 😀

  3. This list is fab. I tend to get my sportswear from Sports Direct and H&M. MyProtein also sell clothes too for good prices.

    1. Ooooooh I’ve not seen My Protein clothing, I’m scared to look encase I end up shopping again! 😀 x

  4. I always get tempted by new gym clothes, especially coloured running tights! I love them! I try and buy them when they are discounted though- I looked at some Nike stuff in John Lewis at the weekend and it was so expensive!

    1. You are so right, Nike can be super pricey…but when sales are on? OH HELL YES!!!! 🙂

  5. Oooo, Nike leggings for under £20? Yes please! Had to double check you’d got that right! 😛

    1. Oh Mary, I did panic for a second then 😀

  6. Yes to all of these. Oh god if I could wear fitness clothes all the time my happiness would be complete. Forever21 is an excellent resource as well for fitness clothes. Dangerous viewing though as your credit card will just magic its way into your hands…

    1. I would love to wear sportswear all the time…That would be the dream 🙂 I need to check out Forever 21! X