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‘Count your blessings not your troubles’

This morning I woke up and completed an assault course across my bedroom thanks to Diesel dragging my dressing gown across the floor and then stretching himself across the step. I started rowing and my head/body just said ‘No’ so I wrapped up and went out for a short but head clearing run. My legs ached; I had to keep stopping and returned home to find I’d recorded 2 seconds of my journey on my cardio fitness trainer app. Two seconds. Then I burnt my breakfast, left my washing up (I hate this) and only just made it to work in time.
Sometimes it feels like me against the world. I’m NOT alone in this feeling and I have lost hours, days and nights from worrying.
I want to turn a new leaf and stop sweating the small things; I should only be sweating when I’m working out like a crazy chick not whilst trying to get a good nights sleep.
Here are some common troubles and sensible solutions…
  1. Your jeans don’t fit – You could have put on weight or you could have had a carb heavy day previously, don’t beat yourself up, just put on a pair that fit perfectly and assess it when you feel calmer.
  2. You missed a couple of workouts There are three things you need to keep in mind here: 1) don’t give up 2) make up for it next week 3) Don’t worry.
  3. You’ve made a mistake –  Most of the time this can be resolved, speak to someone who may be able to advise, be honest and find a solution if possible. You’re only human and these things do happen, it’s best to resolve than avoid.
  4. You feel overloaded – Firstly take a moment to breathe, just take a walk around the block and then return to your workspace and form a plan of attack and slowly work through each section ticking the box’s as you go. This is far more effective than getting in a fluster – honest!
  5. You worry about him/her – It’s never worth being with someone for the sake of being with someone. It took me nearly 27 years to realise this and being with some that puts you at ease and you trust is one of the best feelings in the world.
  6. You’ve over spent – This is so easy to do, here are some top solutions: When going out walk when possible, cook in rather than eat out, wear something you already own, google cost effective recipes and make a gift rather than buy a gift. You may find ‘A Girl Called Jack’ helpful and very inspiring. 
  7. You can no longer afford gym membership – Use the internet to its full advantage with printable workouts and video’s, personally I love ‘Fit Sugar. One of the best things you can do is buy a comfortable pair of trainers and get outside, or grab a cheap DVD from Ebay and a yoga mat from Poundland – Yes really!
  8. You have friend/blog/life envy – It’s easy to look at someone on the internet or out and about and assume their life is perfect. It’s doubtful. Often we all have the some concerns, different battles we are working through and different levels of satisfaction. Be thankful for what you have rather than what you think you should have. 
I’ll never forget the time I sat with an older friend who said ‘Katie, a few years ago I looked back at some photos of myself during my 30’s and I cried and cried. I had no idea I was that beautiful, slim and youthful and I’ll never get that back’.
We all have moments when we need to step back, think what’s really important and move forwards.
My name is Katie. My spelling is appalling my money management is childlike at times, and I run anything from a 7 minute to 11 minute mile. I hardly ever iron my clothes, I read the twitter feeds of people more interesting than me and spend an unhealthy amount of time dreaming about desert. I suffer from clothing, hair, speed and fitness envy and won’t ever be a size 6. I have a small chest and bad skin, I can’t dance.
Basically I’m going to stop worrying and remember it’s true. I am exactly how I am meant to be.



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  1. What a lovely post and you are gorgeous! 🙂 I'm having speed envy issues at the moment. It's really silly as there are just as many people slower than me as faster. Sometimes we need to sit back and remind ourselves how amazing we are. 🙂


  2. Lady I have eeen your time and your ace, I'm actually a similar pace and sometimes I feel hopeless but your getting out there & doing it with some super and very consistant results! Never stop! =)

  3. I love this post too! I was literally just reading this after having a blog and facebook envy-fest at everyone who isn't drowning in revision right now. I think you're really pretty, and your fitness is so impressive to a previous couch potato like me 🙂

    Rachel x

  4. Auw Rach so sad to hear your drowning in revision 🙁 It would appear to be really tough time for students right now but the plus side it will be over soon?
    Ughhh I get FB envy too! But then again, it's actually more Twitter envy as the people I follow tend to be a little younger/cooler/chicer and sometimes FB is 'Hey let's clog up your newsfeed with pictures of my kiddies'..
    Every cloud 🙂
    Keep blogging chick! x