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Confessions of a Insurance Broker…

  • No, we will not come in on a Saturday because YOU forgot to call on Friday.
  • Working hours are between 9am and 5pm…Often these extend but this is because we want peace and quiet to work NOT because we want to hear your delightful ringing voice at 4.59pm. On. A. Friday.
  • *Yawn* *Yawn* *Yawn*…’You can’t afford it?’…Oh, what a shame because we are sitting here wondering how you can afford that iPhone 5 you’ve called us on.
  • We can’t read your mind – Sometimes you need to tell us EXACTLY what your requirements are.
  • Telling me I have a sexy sounding voice will make me write ‘creep’ all over your file not cut the price by 5%
  • Convince yourself if you will that you are being ‘ripped off’ we are just doing as the computer tells us.
  • If we knock some money off the premium its because We have a target to hit and we need your business, we like you (very rare) or we have found another way to make money out of you (just kidding).
  • Should you ever wonder what we all look like google ‘The Office’ failing that I sit next to a dead ringer for this fella well…30 years later or should that be 20?!
  • Coming in to visit us? With ideas? looking for a quote on something new? If you are greeted by a miserable looking face this is not because we dislike you it’s just you have interrupted snack time/internet surfing/online shopping/a really interesting story.
  • The most stimulating conversation we have during working hours is those conversations we have via text or e-mail or occasionally whilst we are waiting for the kettle to boil.
  • If we wanted to make a lot more money we would retrain as the solicitor who deals with all these ‘No win – No fee’ claims…Just sayin’!
  • We have access to Google, Google Earth & Google Maps – We are not afraid to use these.
  • Should an Insurance Broker ever tell you during an Insurance related conversation ‘I don’t understand‘ this is because we don’t understand (True Fact). Insurance is a wild world full of changes and like life, it does not always make sense or we just don’t know. Ask us nicely and we may just find the answer or …redirect your call…or even spend ten minutes debating your question over coffee.
  • Forgotten your spouses date of birth? Worry not..we’ve heard it many times before just don’t bother saying ‘Ooooh don’t tell her’..seriously I have a cake to eat and your using up my precious time.
Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man and Work Like A Boss
Katie x

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