March 24, 2017

Body Shaming : Fitness Comparisons

Friday night saw me pouring my heart out on Youtube about a subject that I feel very strongly about, the subject is ‘Body Shaming‘.

It was brought to my attention during the week that Diana Andrews (a bodybuilder with over 17k Instagram followers) had publicly body shamed a fellow gym user. This was a lady she didn’t know, who was innocently walking on the treadmill whilst on her phone, she wasn’t particularly large (would it matter if she was?) and she had every.single.right to be at the gym.

I suppose this is modern day bullying? I suppose that some people may have found it funny? But I assure you that the ratio of people who found it offensive, a kick in the teeth and a huge confidence knock, was significantly higher.

The idea of people not feeling confident to join a gym or a local running group or even a yoga class, because of crippling fear they’ll be judged fills me with nothing but sadness. It’s not just the younger generation either, some feelings don’t ease off with age.

Social media gives us an opportunity to be and share what’s good in this world, let me tell you this, there IS so much good in this world. The high from exercising and moving your body is one of them, whatever your reason, age, sex, size or race.

I’ve gone into much more detail in my vlog…

Have you ever been body shamed? What are your feelings about this ?



4 responses to “Body Shaming : Fitness Comparisons”

  1. That just sounds horrible. I’ve seen people reading magazines on exercise bikes before, and while I do think ” what is the point?” because they can’t be really doing much if they are pedalling slowly enough to read, at the end of the day it doesn’t affect me so why should I comment on it? I feel so sad that so many people don’t exercise because they are embarrassed about their bodies or not sure if they can do it. I am so lucky that the running club I joined is so friendly and supportive, and every new runner gets a huge welcome and boost from the support and encouragement they receive, and I think once you are doing something you realise that most other people don’t care, but the few people to make public comments can do so much damage by putting people off.

    • Katie G says:

      I completely agree – We all see people taking selfies etc etc whilst using equipment and just pottering around in the gym but taking a picture and sharing with 17k people was just outrageous.
      It honestly breaks my heart that so many people are embarrassed to go to the gym or start running for fear of judgement. When actually, it could be doing them the world of good 🙁

  2. Which female has managed to reach the age of 20/30, etc. without having been body shamed at some point? Sad reality. And sad that it’s mostly women who do that to other women. Or at least I haven’t had many guys make negative comments about my body, just my first love who broke up with me because ‘his family decided I was too big for him and therefore unsuitable’… Yeah, he was from a very traditional family and was a bit shorter than me.

    • Katie G says:

      I strongly feel that it’s women being catty about other women, we are so judgmental and even now, I’m not immune to the odd comment about my figure.
      Only once did I have a guy say that he would love to date me as I had a pretty face, but sadly I was just too big. Funny that because he was short too! However, when you reflect on it, I feel sad for them that something like that mattered so much, over things that are really important….

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