October 26, 2014

Blog Life Vs Real Life

I’m writing this in an early Sunday Morning reflective kind of mood…

Yesterday I came well out of the comfort zone I normally set myself, although at the time no one would have been any wiser.

Whilst I can be a very confident person in some situations, in others I’m actually very introverted and if I can’t fully relax around some people I would possibly be assumed to be quiet and/or uninterested. So on the day of the OM Yoga show, I was a mix of emotions about meeting fellow blogger’s ‘in real life’ and it took a lot to tweet the group of bloggers that I was talking to, and updated them that I’d arrived.

I arrived at the event flustered; in the company of a kind yogi I’d met on the bus, due to transport issues and delays. Every ounce of confidence I’d built up had gone. My hair looked terrible (not that it had any impact) I felt rushed and not at all calm and confident. If I’m being honest, I had every intention of avoiding meeting anyone because I genuinely didn’t think I had the nerve to do it.

Those who did meet at the event might be surprised to read that;, but it was only when I bumped into Laura that I calmed down and knew I could introduce myself.  It’s strange, I’d spoken to these people online for months or years and of a sudden, we were meeting like long lost pen friends.

Then the natural thing happened, I went into ‘Katie Overdrive’ – talking at 100mph, bouncing about, laughing even the situation wasn’t hugely amusing. In summary, I was simply behaving like an over-excited puppy.

So on the way home I started to think about ‘Blog Life Vs Real Life’ and I pondered are we being true to ourselves or are we only displaying the perfect aspects of our life that we feel is worthy?

Of course, I don’t write about the mundane, boring aspects of my life, but I do like to share the messy events where recipes go horribly wrong. Or when I trip over running my local route and the fact that sometimes, take so much on I can’t handle it and completely burn out. After all, I’m not superhuman, I’m just a lady who has a small space on the internet and a fondness for cat’s, exercise and nut butter.

Whilst I was people watching from the window of my big red London bus I started to ponder what it was really like behind the scenes of the huge glossy blog’s, the common names, the individuals who have huge numbers of followers and display a life of perfection.

I’m sure that deep down there is the voyeur in us that likes to sit in our pj’s with a top knot and think ‘Would I be more content with my blog if I was like that?’..Or something along those lines, I think it’s inevitable that at some point in our lives we go through stages of comparison and if we are comparing ourselves to a lie then we will never find contentment.

I spent some time on Friday evening reading these blog’s and gazing at the Instagram feed’s, now I’m  a big fan of beautiful photography but I felt nothing but sadness looking at one particular lady. She is exquisitely beautiful, her figure is incredible and all her pictures look completely unnatural. I was yearning to see one photo of her laughing with a friend and not ‘perfect’. I’m not saying I wanted her to look unattractive (I don’t think she could?), just naturally happy, candid shot to break it all up would have made a refreshing change.

You see, I care very little about how people look if I find them engaging or if they write a blog that makes me feel like I’m reading something who view’s the world in an interesting way. They may look less popular from a statistic’s point of view but often the quietest person has the most interesting story.

I’m okay if people don’t think I’m exciting or popular enough, or my follower count is low. I have a life that I enjoy living, so does it really matter? Should it matter?

Moving on to running, I went through a stage when I was very aware of my speed’s and distances. It appeared that everyone was running a marathon when I was happy just pottering 6 miles on a Sunday. Without realising what I was doing, I was only posting about about the faster run’s and not giving a fair impression.

I wasn’t sharing that I honestly just enjoyed plodding 2 miles around the block at 10 minute mile pace as much as I did 8 minute mile pace. I was missing the beauty that it is being ‘real’ and not a professional athlete and that’s the whole point of being a blogger. A blog should be used to share something that you care about from a real, unbiased point of view. Or at the very least I hope it is.

There are times when I drool over instragrams of perfect meals and look at the messy tupperware salad on my lap and think ‘oh…not so shareable’. For me to get an Instagram worthy picture, it’ll take a good 10+ minutes of setting up, using props, and then editing. By then my food is cold.  

What I’m trying to say is that it’s okay to show your human, people will judge even if you have 10 followers or 10,000 followers and we shouldn’t try to be ‘flawless’.

I spent a long time in my early 20’s trying to create a life that looked good on the outside, I spent a fortune on car’s, I wore uncomfortable shoes and my hair was fake.

It was only when I completely overhauled my lifestyle I realised it was okay to not be ‘Miss Popular’ and that if staying on the sofa in a Primark one piece felt okay to me. Go hard or go home? Well, I’m going to go and have a jolly nice time thank you.

Trust me, in my nearly 30 years on this planet I’ve learnt that being content is far better than trying to like all the same crap that everyone else pretends to like.




Yesterday I met : LauraFab – Eleanor (and Phil) do go say hello!

21 responses to “Blog Life Vs Real Life”

  1. Great post and thank you so much for sharing! I can definitely relate to this, feeling envious that my blog and life isn’t as “perfect” as others appear to be. But to be honest, I much prefer reading about people I can relate to, who feel real 🙂 so I like to think that my blog appeals to other people who think that.

    And I remember the first time I met friends on Twitter in real life- it was so bizarre! 🙂

    • cakevsscales says:

      Thank you for your lovely comment Beki 🙂
      It’s so wonderful when people can relate, I’m instantly reminded that I’m not alone in these feelings. Plus you are so right, that’s why I enjoy following blogs by you and others because it feels so darn relate-able and that’s really attractive as a reader.
      Meeting bloggers in real life is great, yet a tiny bit nerve racking….It’s easy to have confidence behind a screen however there’s no filtering in real life! 🙂

  2. This is such a fantastic post Katie! and you know from our conversation yesterday that I can definitely relate to this. I had seen you once in the show and was SO nervous to say anything, it’s only when Phillip just told me to be brave that I had the confidence to say something the second time round! 😉

    I thought that since I tweet to people all the time and read about their daily lives that it would be a breeze to walk up to any of you and strike a conversation. MASSIVE wakeup call. Although, saying that, I’m SO glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and spoke to you!

    You’re an amazing person and I loved your ‘Katie Overdrive’ ;), it was refreshing! 🙂

    The one thing I have always strived to do on my blog is make sure that I’m telling the whole story. I’m not afraid to tell people that I’ve had a sh*t week. I hate when all I read on a blog, is about how perfect and fan-dabby-dosey their lives are, it’s just totally unrealistic.

    • thatsquatbot says:

      Funnily enough I DO find it easy to approach internet people – I get really excited to meet new people and chat to them in real life after talking online. However, I can always tell they’re overwhelmed by it and a little apprehensive, so I can see both sides of the coin!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Laura – Thank you SO much for doing that…Honestly it completely changed over I viewed the day…I was like you thinking ‘Oh it’ll be fine’, but even after meeting you approaching the group felt a little out of my zone! Plus the fact you let on you where nervous too made me feel less alone in my initial apprehension..
      However despite all that, everyone was so charming and lovely in real life I just wondered what I was so nervous of in the first place..
      The only sad thing was that I was in such a rush, plus I didn’t get my cat calender as I was totally caught up at Nakd 🙂
      One last thing.. seeing you in that Kismet top I had on my first ever give away = Bonkers awesome!

      • laurafat2fit says:

        Yes, Everyone was so lovely, so it was comforting! I did feel a little silly afterwards for being so nervous about it, but now I know it’s not that bad, it should be better next time!

        Awww! So sad you weren’t able to get a cat calendar, I’m sure they have them online, maybe the Yoga Matters website has them, as I’m sure that’s who was selling them at the show 🙂

        I couldn’t stop myself from having ALL the samples.. hah, I SO wasn’t hungry after I left the show 😉 The Nakd bars were a bargain, I couldn’t pass them up! They’ve got a pretty good deal on the website atm too and I got a discount code with the leaflet so I might have to get some more!

    • cakevsscales says:

      cakevsscales says:

      Mizz Squat Bot – I can imagine meeting you would be awesome!..I mean you eat nutella during health bloggers chat..that’s idol territory!

  3. Yasmeen says:

    I love this post!! The last paragraph has me written all over it! Such a good read xx

    Yasmeen xx
    The Mirror Affects

  4. I loved this article! As a fellow health and fitness blogger, I also stare in disbelief at some instagram accounts wondering if anything they post is ever candid or ‘real’. As much as I too love looking at photos of sexy food and inspirational bodies, I want to see some substance beneath the glamour once in a while.

    Kudos to you for writing about this and for keeping it real, Katie!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Oh thank you Alice – Your comments never fail to make me smile! 🙂
      Plus it’s so nice to read that I’m not the only one, I just can’t help but wonder if sometimes people realise they are setting such a unattainable presence..Perhaps you may consider me naive but I only recently found out that many big bloggers photoshop photo’s slimmer etc and it left me feeling so sad about the whole thing.
      Here’s to being real! 🙂 x

  5. thatsquatbot says:

    Haha, I am also the hyper version of me around new people, esecially internet people! Though I must be honest, I’m fairly hyper and excitable the majority of the time. I wouldn’t worry about having a blog you/real you. I do think “big” bloggers definitely just show the glossy side of their lives – but that’s why I follow so few of them. I like to see warts ‘n all, because those warts are what endear me to others. After all, it’s the warts and the struggles that give us true character.

    I hope you enjoyed the Yoga Show anyway, despite the lack of time? Gutted I couldn’t go to the London show!

    • cakevsscales says:

      Oh but that’s the best way to be? Or at least it certainly makes life a lot more fun?! I need to learn to engage that part of my personality more often..
      Struggles do give us character – I’d never judgemental of people that try, those that really have to battle with weight/or fitness or whatever because I relate to the struggle and when people uncover that via a blog it’s just fab!
      The Yoga Show was great, there was so much to take in..I was desperately sad to be in a hurry because I wanted to tootle along, I wanted to talk to people, try things and listen to lectures but I’ll return next year and soak it all up! Hopefully you’ll be at next year’s meet and we can be hyper together! 🙂 xo

  6. Fit Radiance says:

    Loving your honesty!! I agree with you 100% I love reading these blogs with the beautiful photography, etc, but I’m finding more and more that people seem to following this ‘perfect life’ trend in blog world, and it’s actually becoming a little predictable and well, boring! Like you said, we want to see some REAL life, and something we can actually relate to 😉 I admire these bloggers that put in so much effort, but I’d much rather scoff my food down right there and then, than raff around with lighting and pic accessories haha. Being real is so much more interesting and also engaging, so keep being you! 🙂

    • cakevsscales says:

      Auw thanks Louise – It’s great to read that I’m not the only one that feel’s like this…the blog’s are great for mindless escapism but sometimes I just love it when it’s kept ‘real’..
      Oh and the food thing…that’s the worst right? Having to plan a photo shoot when all you want to do is snuggle up and EAT! 🙂

  7. Nick says:

    Your spelling is atrocious! Mainly the completely incorrect addition of an apostrophe when making things plural. Makes you look incredibly dim.

  8. […] Social Media and Blogging – When I first started blogging I had zero social media presence, I was unsure about the concept and I didn’t want to be ‘found out’. Blogging was, and very much still is my hobby, a place on the internet to call my own, and share my view’s and welcome the views of others. Gradually I have increased my presence and this enabled me to meet people behind the blog’s. I wrote about my nerves and the fact ‘I had every intention of avoiding meeting everyone because I genuinely didn’t think I had the nerve to do it’ in my post ‘Blog Life Vs Real Life’. […]

  9. Grace says:

    Well written, thank you for sharing. It’s hard sometimes to be content with our realness when often all we see is other peoples best bits. I enjoy reading about and seeing it all. Xxx

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