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If you have a question about a recipe or something I’ve posted please feel free to drop me a e-mail, a comment or tweet – I will always reply.

I am very keen to build a friendly blogging community, if you want to discuss a guest post/joint post or exchange a link please don’t hesitate to drop me a link.


I am always happy to provide honest opinions/reviews of events, products and places but the content will have to be relevant to my blog. Please note that with effect from January 2013 all reviews/sponsored posts will be noted accordingly.


Please note that if you click on a link I’ve created I may make about 1p – IF you are not comfortable with this please feel free to use Google or your preferred search engine.

If you are going to use any content from this blog please feel free, however, please kindly link back to me as I always link back to others.

On the occasion, I have used or tweaked a recipe I shall always provide a link to the original source. Please note that in relation to fitness/health posts I am NOT a registered personal trainer or dietitian and if you are unsure if something would be suitable for you then please seek professional advice first.

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