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Legacy Sportswear 30 Day Challenge – How I got on..

Regular readers will know that last month I accepted a 30 day challenge with Legacy Sportswear and my aim was to feel as good inside…


Northampton Run Fest 10km

Sometimes I like to treat my blog like a delayed catch up with a friend; you know when you’re chatting over coffee or dinner and…


I ran a virtual half marathon and I loved it!

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try”


MK Run Fest 10km

I’ve pretty much assessed this race about a thousand times in my head, mainly connected to feelings of frustration and disappointment but it’s a well…


Running in the dark or sunrise? Run safer with these …

A few week’s ago the fella and I where off to the cinema in the evening and on the way we passed as young lady…


Smiling Through A Runners Low..

I’ve been running for around 3 years now and last year was a serious lull for me (looking at my history I clocked up hardly…