Chocolate Cupcakes – Low Sugar – Gluten Free – Diary Free

When I saw this recipe on wholehearted eat’s I knew it would be trouble for me.. Cupcakes for two..  

Spiced Parsnip and Apple Soup

The inspiration for this recipe came from a text message restaurant review sent to me by my younger sister, she’d been to a local bistro pub and loved her ‘Apple and Parsnip Soup’ starter.  

Strawberry Super Food Smoothie

Sometimes I’m a little late to the party.

Creating A Healthy Kitchen Cupboard

One thing that always saddens me is how many people claim not to be able to afford to eat a healthy and balanced diet. It is frustrating when the supermarkets appear to always have offers on pizza, chips, and ice…

Triple Chocolate Milka Brownies

There’s something about Milka chocolate that brings back good memories. Mainly from my childhood, trips to France and spending supermarket trips in the chocolate aisle, in search of some new sugar-coated treat. Never before had I considered baking with Milka,…

Cookies ‘Millies Style’

Good Morning.

Chocolate Cherry Brandy Cupcakes

    My good friend and I were cheering ourselves up on a wet, grey Monday night by eating our body weight in carbs, don’t tell me that you’ve not considered doing the same?  My friend brought Nutella cupcakes, I know…

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