February 8, 2015

Red Velvet Cupcake’s : Betty Crocker Review



Cupcakes. A bite sized way of getting swept up in a moment of cake, frosting and sugar induced bliss, preferably enjoyed with good company and a steaming hot mug of tea.

When Betty Crocker sent me some ‘Red Velvet’ Cake mix with cream cheese frosting I was of the opinion that cupcakes would be more ‘shareable’ then a huge cake. Thankfully the mix made 18 cupcakes so I was able to enjoy the temporary popularity you get when you greet people with cake, I love cake and I love making people smile so it was the ideal mix.



So how do I feel about pre:made cake mixes? Or making something that’s not considered a ‘clean – sugar-free’ treat? If truth be told I’m not phased at all, we can’t be Nigella all the time.


Because sometimes you don’t have time to spend hours baking in the kitchen, not everyone feels’s that confident or has the inclination to bake from scratch and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. This was the ideal mix to use as it only took 5 minutes to whip together, I only added vegetable oil, water and egg’s which I consider cupboard basics and the icing only required the ‘effort’ of being opened.


Where they any good?

No matter how fast or easy it is to bake something the truth is and always will be in the tasting, overall these were very popular with everyone who tried them with comments such as ‘the sponge isΒ so light’ and ‘I love the frosting‘. Naturally, I had to try one but I found the cake with the frosting very sweet, however, I’m going to be quick to add I’ve been massively avoiding sugary treats for several weeks’s so it was natural I’d react that way. Overall I can’t critique the ease of using the mix and I loved how the finished product looked, plus I think it offers good value for money if you don’t bake often enough to keep all the staples in stock or wish to make something in a hurry.

What is your favourite cake flavour? Do you agree that sharing is caring when it comes to home-baked goods?




I was sent these products to review and all opinions are my own – I owe a big thank you to G for kindly taking the photos.

4 responses to “Red Velvet Cupcake’s : Betty Crocker Review”

  1. helennorwood2014 says:

    These do look yummy. There is always something visually appealing about cupcakes & I think cheating sometimes & using a mix is quite acceptable πŸ™‚

  2. Fit Radiance says:

    These look so pretty! (And yummy) I’m the same as you, most cakes/sweets taste so sugary when you’ve been laying off it for a while. This doesn’t stop me eating them for a treat though, haha! One is always enough mind you, then the novelty wear’s off :p
    I’m all for ‘sharing is caring’ if it means I’ll eat less of it!

    • cakevsscales says:

      I love sharing, people get so excited when you turn up with cake and it’s really nice to gift something like that…
      I am so glad when one is enough, this is why I rarely bake brownies because I can’t stop at one! πŸ˜€

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