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The Ultimate Overnight Oats Collection

I know it appears every blogger has her own recipe for overnight oats, but when I mentioned my delicious ‘super food’breakfast on ‘My Fitness Pal’ last week I was surprised by 3 requests for the recipe..So I thought I would share a round up of my 3 favourite way’s to enjoy overnight oats.
As a generalisation I measure out:
50g Oats
50g Greek yoghurt (Fat Free)
1 Teaspoon of honey
10-15g seeds
150ml Almond Milk
But feel free to tweak this to work with your own personal macros..
Peanut Butter & Strawberry Oats
Add in…
1x Teaspoon of reduced fat peanut butter
6 sliced strawberries
Bounty Bar Oats
Add in..
1x Teaspoon coco powder
10g chunks milk/dark chocolate (chopped into tiny chunks)
1x Tablespoon shredded coconut
*I exchange the plain greek yoghurt for a coconut version and heat the oats in the morning so I get little pools of melted chocolate
Superfood Oats
Add in..
5g Pumpkin seeds
5g Chia Seeds
15g Protein Powder
15g Raspberries 
For those of you that are new to overnight oats, in simple terms you prepare your breakfast in the evening and leave in the fridge overnight to find a creamy, healthy, instant breakfast. Overnight oats are portable making them a ideal breakfast to eat at your desk, fast as the whole process is under 5 minutes preparation and filling enough to keep you going until lunch. 
Have you tired overnight oats? If so what’s your favourite over night oat recipe? 


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