Hi, I’m Katie, a 30 something blogger who lives in Northampton with her fiancé and cat.

I started Cake Vs Scales as a way to document my baking and weekend adventures, over the years it’s progressed to cover a vast variety of subjects close to my heart. Although my emphasis is always on having the most healthy mind-set and body, health isn’t always skin deep.

Several years ago I lost 4 stone.  It’s sometimes hard to believe that I’ve ran three half marathons, climbed five 4,000m Mountains the Swiss and French Alps (Including Mont Banc) plus a few North Faces…

Talking of sport and fitness, I’m a jack of many trades but a master of none…You’ll find me timidly skiing, running anything from 5km to half marathons to obstacle course races, climbing on occasion, walking for hours and lifting weights.

My weight loss story and how I changed my life and my mindset was featured in Health & Fitness’ magazine. I was recently featured in The Telegraph, talking about how easy it is to fall off the fitness bandwagon.

I’ve written blog post’s ‘Why you should learn to ski and ‘Confessions of a YoYo Dieter’  which have been featured on the Huffington Post UK. 

Companies I’ve worked with include:



I also offer services including; freelance writing, recipe creating and social media promotion, feel free to contact me for my media kit on ‘cakevsscales@gmail.com’.


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