I’m Katie,

A 30 something blogger, hailing from Shoe Town (…or Northampton, as it’s better known).

Several years ago I lost 4 stone.  It’s sometimes hard to believe that I’ve ran three half marathons, climbed five 4,000m Mountains the Swiss and French Alps (Including Mont Banc) plus a few North Faces…

Talking of sport and fitness, I’m a jack of many trades but a master of none…

You’ll find me timidly skiing, running anything from 5km to half marathons to obstacle course races, climbing on occasion, walking for hours and lifting weights.

I never wanted to be like everyone else….

I won’t turn down chocolate, I’m not supermodel slim and I’m a long way from ever winning a race. I do enjoy running slowly, lifting what I can, popping all the toppings on my oats and sportswear sales.

My weight loss story and how I changed my life and my mind set was featured in ‘Health & Fitness’ magazine, my blog post’s ‘Why you should learn to ski and ‘Confessions of a YoYo Dieter’ have been  featured on the Huffington Post UK.

Fancy a chat?

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Fancy working with me?

. I love to meet new people and attend event’s, pop across an e-mail to ‘cakevsscales@gmail.com‘ and we can make things happen! some of the companies I’ve worked with include…

Seen me around?

Wonderful – Here are some of the place’s I’ve been featured. 


Cake Vs Scales is a very proud supporter of ‘The Lewis Foundation’, who are providing comfort to cancer patients in Northampton.

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