Make Your Own : PB2 – Lower Calorie Peanut Butter

I’m not always one for tradition, whilst everyone is writing recipes and post’s that relate to the present winter season, I’m writing about peanut butter and my entertainment skill’s.

Yoga : Staying mindful over Xmas

I’m writing this on a Sunday evening with warm feet and kind soul; soon I’ll put together the finishing touches to a comforting Sunday Dinner and eat with the man who makes my eyes sparkle. This is what mindfulness over…

Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea – Sanderson London

A few month’s back, four of us trundled to London and spent a delightful afternoon sampling the infamous ‘Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea‘ at Sanderson in central London. 

Breakfast Protein Muffins : With My Protein

I adore breakfast, for me it’s absolutely the most important meals of the day and actually one of the meals I often spend the most time preparing. Muffin’s aren’t always known for being ‘healthy‘, they are known for ‘filling a gap’ or…

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